Originally published on July 18, 2019 on www.changeleadershipadvisors.com.

Good questions set the stage for good answers. I don’t mean right answers – “good” answers. Answers that give you clues about how to lead change effectively for your organization.

Change Leadership shouldn’t be about recipe-based methodology, academic concepts and complicated language. It’s about people. What they know. What they think. What they need. What they want. Asking (and answering) questions provides you a stronger foundation to understand how to address these wants and needs during change. You will have more insight into what the change journey could look like for your people and therefore where to focus your attention and resources.

The infographic below is my approach to these questions. I’ve organized it into 10 question categories, with example questions in each. This is how I begin most of my change efforts, with the answers leading to even more questions to help me understand clearly what is happening and allow me to make good recommendations to prepare people for change.