• Driving business results. Solving Human Capital problems.

    Business transformation specialists with a laser focus on human capital issues.
  • Big 4 Experience. Boutique Focus & Expertise.

    World class consultants developing custom human capital solutions.
  • Strategic Advisors. Pragmatic Execution.

    Big picture thinking, willing to roll up our sleeves and do the work.

Is your company ready for a strategic HR organization?

Are you losing the war for talent or struggling to keep up with the demand for HR information?

Helping companies effectively meet the demands for major change is what we do.   


Bringing Business to HR.

Meeting the increasingly complex Human Capital needs of business can be daunting. The SteelBridge Solutions model is designed around a team of transformation specialists who drive dramatic business results – a laser focus in Human Capital and Change Management not often experienced in larger firms.

If you need HR industry experts who…

  • listen carefully,
  • have a reputation for service,
  • offer exceptional ideas,
  • think strategically for practical solutions,
  • respond with a relentless focus on transparency,
  • are careful stewards of your time, budget and resources?

We have the answer.


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  • Treat New Performance Management System As Major Organizational Change

    Treat New Performance Management System As Major Organizational Change

    Judging by the number of recent articles about performance management, it might seem that organizations are discarding annual appraisals in record numbers. Critics of traditional systems write them off as traumatic events that gobble up time, yet fail in a multitude of ways: Performance feedback is not timely or believable.

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